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We are in a workforce crisis in Kansas long-term care. Wait, that isn’t news to you? It’s definitely not news to LeadingAge Kansas or National. It is our TOP strategic priority for the association. The subject is incredibly complex and will never have a silver bullet to fixing it. It will require lawmakers, state agencies, funders, higher education, think tanks, associations and providers to move the needle. There is much work to do and we are on it. LeadingAge Kansas is reigniting our Workforce Commission and inviting new voices and perspectives to the conversation. We are looking for a few strategic thinkers who live the workforce crises every day from a provider perspective to serve on our Commission. Is that you? Contact Dana Weaver if you are interested in serving and helping to move the needle in this important work.

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Dana is so much more than her title, which is Chief Operating Officer of LeadingAge Kansas. Her passion for elders transcends her formalized role and is visible in all facets of the association. She provides leadership to education, membership, office and account management, oversees IT, serves on the management team, writes grants, and develops new programs. Dana also serves as Executive Director of the LeadingAge Kansas Foundation. Despite her humongous role in LeadingAge Kansas’s success, she maintains a humble perspective and is thrilled just to make members easier by helping them solve their problems. She has a passion for seniors and believes they’re the most interesting and underrated group of people in America. In her free time, you can find Dana chasing storms and blogging about food! Contact Dana at 785.233.7443, ext. 109.