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  • Work is in progress to get the $15M appropriated by the 2022 Legislature to Kansas nursing homes. The Agency reports that the amount will be paid in one lump sum in July of about $762 per licensed nursing home bed (regardless of payor source.) Because this is ARPA money (federal money given to the State to allocate), each provider will be sent a beneficiary agreement to sign before the distribution, and will be required to report how the funds are used. We are advocating for as simple reporting requirement as possible and as much latitude as possible for nursing homes to spend their dollars according to their need. One broad category will be related to staffing (bonuses, wages, contract staff and other.) The associations recommended, and the Agency is considering, to permit the dollars to be used for other expenses related to escalating costs for food, etc. We will share more detail as it becomes available. REQUEST: If you have ideas about how you would wish to use the money, please send them to Debra at debra@leadingagekansas.org or Rachel at rachel@leadingagkansas.org by June 28th.
  • KDADS CARE team reported that they are undertaking a pilot portal for submitting CARE data, in hopes that this will address the delay that has been experienced in getting CARE data submitted to KDHE so provider payment can be sped up. If you are having cash flow problems dure to trouble with delayed CARE entry, contact drew.adkins@ks.org
  • No change in Kansas statutes or regulations are required to implement the provisions of SB 453, which allows LPNs to be CNA course instructors under the general supervision of an RN. Schools will receive official notification in the next week.  You may want to contact your training school to see where they are at with this.
  • Nursing homes will be allowed to request waivers for RN staff requirements starting July 1st. No regulatory or statutory change is needed.  KDADS staff report that nursing homes seeking a waiver should first apply to CMS, who will review the application and send it on KDADS for their final approval before the waiver becomes effective. We will share the link to the CMS RN Waiver Request Form as soon as we get it.
  • KDHE reports that 205 adult care homes have signed up, or are in the process of signing up, for free Battelle testing. Many have other sources for testing as well. A second shipment of FREE POC tests will be sent out from KDHE’s surplus later this summer/fall.  
  • There will be a joint KDADS/KDHE webinar for adult care homes on July 17th at 1 PM. We are collecting questions that our members have about COVID_19 regulatory compliance and COVID-19 treatment. REQUEST: Please send your question ahead of time to Debra at debra@leadingagekansas.org
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Debra is LeadingAge Kansas’ President and CEO. She leads the overall affairs of the association, works closely with the Board of Directors, and is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan, oversight of financial resources, and of course, inspiring and leading the team. Additionally, she’s the primary spokesperson for the association, the liaison to LeadingAge National, and serves as the President and CEO of the association’s sister organizations, the Foundation and Employee Benefits, Inc. Her commitment and passion for aging services stems out of her deep love for her grandparents. She finds that helping the association’s members make a difference in the lives of the people they serve and being part of an organization that is not content simply preserving the status quo, are her favorite parts of her job. Debra, her husband, and their dog love traveling the open road together in a tiny 5th wheel Scamp. You can contact her directly at 785.233.7443 ext. 111.