The latest survey from the National Investment Center (NIC) showed cautiously optimistic trends in occupancy, as well as a curious movement in efforts to fill staff vacancies. The pace of move-ins in IL continued its slow deceleration; AL and Memory Support move-ins continued to accelerate. Assisted Living and Nursing homes also reported the greatest change in occupancy in the past month; Nursing Homes reported an increase in discharges and a slow-down of admissions. Although “overtime hours” and “temporary agency staff” continue to be the most common ways that organizations backfill staffing shortages, respondents in this survey reported an increase in hiring professionals from outside the aging services field to fill vacancies. To accelerate move-ins, 75% of mid-size multisite organizations were offering rent concessions; only 14% of single-site organizations were doing the same. The majority of respondents (52%) still expect that occupancy and revenues will return to pre-pandemic levels within the next year.

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Debra is LeadingAge Kansas’ President and CEO. She leads the overall affairs of the association, works closely with the Board of Directors, and is responsible for the implementation of the strategic plan, oversight of financial resources, and of course, inspiring and leading the team. Additionally, she’s the primary spokesperson for the association, the liaison to LeadingAge National, and serves as the President and CEO of the association’s sister organizations, the Foundation and Employee Benefits, Inc. Her commitment and passion for aging services stems out of her deep love for her grandparents. She finds that helping the association’s members make a difference in the lives of the people they serve and being part of an organization that is not content simply preserving the status quo, are her favorite parts of her job. Debra, her husband, and their dog love traveling the open road together in a tiny 5th wheel Scamp. You can contact her directly at 785.233.7443 ext. 111.